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CSR is a full service metals, paper and plastics recycler committed to conserving our natural resources.

With facilities located throughout Central Pennsylvania we support customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland and surrounding states with the highest quality service and scrap raw materials available.

CSR Receives National Fleet Safety Awards

Scrap Acceptance Policy Scrap Acceptance Policy
Customized Scrap Management Services | Demolition and Site Clean-ups Customized Scrap Management Services (CSMS)
Services Overview
CSR's Responsible Appliance Recycling Program CSR's Responsible Appliance Recycling Program
  • Shredding, Shearing, Baling, and Torching
  • On-site Vehicle Crushing and Demolition Scrap Management
  • Customized Scrap Management Solutions for Industry
  • Containers and Trailers for Scrap Collection
Got Scrap? CSR offers the most competitive pricing